Verhulst Motorcycle Service – Smoky Mountains Summit

AVAILABLE SERVICE: Tires, Brakes & Rotors, Oil Change, Progressive, Springs & Shocks, Batteries & Alternators

Verhulst Motorcycle Service

Verhulst Motorcycle Service

Kick back and enjoy the Hearthside Cabins. Relax in the soaking tubs, watch a movie, take part in the games, enjoy the beauty of the Smokies while your bike is being serviced.

Daily 30 Minute T-Clock Workshops ~ Verhulst Motorcycle Service

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Full service oil and fluid changes.

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Brakes & Rotors

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Tire Purchase and mounting.

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Verhulst Motorcycle Service 30 Minute T-Clock Workshop – Offered Daily

Each day of the 4-Day event. John T from Verhulst Motorcycle Service will be parked at the Big Moose Lodge Parking Lot, on hand to meet any service needs you might have. (Stay tiuned for the schedule)

For the past 30 years Verhulst Motorcycle Service has serviced motorcycle riders at events nationwide. With over 40 years of experience working on motorcycles, John loves sharing his knowledge and is honored to be a sponsor of the Women’s Motorcycle Summit.

Although called a “pre-ride” inspection, the official name of this simple checklist, developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation , is summarized with the acronym T-CLOCK, for the headings of each section.

  • T- Tires and Wheels
  • C- Control Levers
  • L- Lights & Battery
  • O- Oil Levels
  • C- Chassis
  • K- Kickstand

// Best time to perform? Shortly after your last ride. Do a post-ride cleaning. The perfect time to discover loose pieces, small leaks, and especially more serious trouble.

// It makes sense to pay attention to the mechanics of your motorcycle. Check those things that you can see or that you can get a wrench on. Feel or measure for proper adjustment. Making sure that your last ride didn’t do some damage that will spoil your next one.

// Now you have the time to correct any discrepancies: A nail lodged in a tire, etc.

The T-CLOCK Check List

TCLOCK is an acronym that helps to cover the bike from stem to stern, for a quick inspection:

T- Tires and Wheels

  • Tires- Check tread depth, wear and air pressure
  • Wheels- See if any spokes are loose or if the rim is bent or cracked. See if it turns freely, but is not loose on the axle.

C- Control Levers

  • Inspect levers. Verify they are not bent or broken and move easily.
  • Check cables for fraying and lubricate them.
  • Check hoses for cracks, leaks, bulges and chaffed areas
  • Make sure the throttle moves freely. Closes easily. Lube if needed.

L- Lights & Battery

  • Check that the battery terminals are clean and tight and that the electrolyte level is correct. Plus make sure the vent tube is hooked to the vent outlet and not kinked
  • Check the turn signals and brake lights for proper operation. Make sure the lenses are not cracked or broken
  • Headlight- Check for proper operation and alignment

O- Oil Levels

  • Check engine oil level plus transmission and primary drive fluid levels

C- Chassis

  • Steering Head-Move handlebars back and forth to check for tight spots or binding.
  • Hold the front brake and rock the bike front to back to check for any free play in the neck bearings.
  • Suspension- Check the front forks and the rear shocks for smooth travel and right air pressure (If equipped)
  • Belt- Check tension and visually inspect for any rocks or other objects stuck in it.
  • Fasteners- Check for any loose nuts or bolts and tighten if needed

K- Kickstand

Side stand- Check for ease of operation and spring action.

Information about the T-Clock inspection provided by John T.

The T-Clock list provided by

For more information on safe-riding equipment, strategies, techniques and skills, see the Street Survival section of