Speaker: Shannon Boesch2017-11-14T23:13:51-08:00

Director of Education
Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities

“I am honored to support this organization.  I believe in empowering women and look forward to fostering inspiration, education, and transformation through collaboration and sisterhood.”

Shannon Boesch is a single mom and corporate project manager from Colorado who discovered her love of motorcycles in 2014. Recently she has branched out as an eCommerce entrepreneur by founding AthenaMotoGear.com; a gear site primarily for women. Since learning to ride in her late 40’s, she has conquered fears and has overcome challenges and has been profoundly empowered by the inner strength that she has found through the sport. She loves a great day out on the back of the Harley with her boyfriend, but loves hopping on her R1200GS and getting dirty doing some ADV riding off-road as well.

Shannon aspires to influence gear manufacturers with design concepts that provide women the same level of safety features as men as a standard practice. All while addressing some of the fit and style challenges as well. Rider protection and education are driving forces behind Shannon’s passion. The Rockies Edition of the Women’s Motorcycle Summit features over 20 highly specialized educational workshops and sessions. 

As Director of Education & Fundraising, Shannon manages the strategy, design and execution of the skills and educational workshops, programs and clinics PLUS the management of the Donor and  Peer-To-Peer Fundraising. Shannon is the woman behind the scenes working tirelessly  to keep everything on track,

Shannon is certified in Project Management, has earned her bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology and her Master’s in Social Work.

Shannon Boesch, Athena MotoGear,