Juliann Norelius Nelson – Life is a Challenge

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Juliann Norelius Nelson pictured with her 2016 Indian Chief Vintage

I had the most wonderful test of my skills the other day when Steve and I took our bikes to a shooting range in Bailey, Colorado. Paved road turned into packed road which turned to roughly graded road which turned to jeep trail which turned to what I would call a heavily washed sandy double cow path! When you feel that your destination is just around the next corner you are either all in or all out. Since I was in the lead I stopped several times to evaluate the topography and to question my choices but called on my skills and knowledge to pull me through to the final destination. Once we arrived to the range I was so pumped up with adrenaline that the plan of target practice no longer held any excitement. I felt incredibly empowered. ON the return trip I asked Steve to lead so I could evaluate the “second person” position. I can’t explain how personally satisfying the experience was for me. As a bonus, my daughter was following us in a car and commented later that it was the first time she had seen me ride and that she was proud of how safe I was and how well I handled the situation. I just wanted to share and thank you for helping me to believe in myself and to convince me to challenge myself. ~ Juliann // Rider in the 2017 Women’s Motorcycle Summit – Rockies Edition.

Indian Motorcycle Chief Vintage

2016 Indian Chief Vintage – 2017 Women’s Motorcycle Summit