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S.T.R.O.N.G. Women Ride

Meet “Kimberly” (Any name here will do.)

Who benefits from your kindness by supporting the Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities (SHSC) and the Women’s Motorcycle Summits?  Quite simply, “Kimberly” does.
We ALL know her.  Let’s imagine “Kimberly”…
“Kimberly” is your daughter/sister/mother/aunt/friend/neighbor who has dreams and a vision but is facing challenges turning her dreams into reality.
“Kimberly” is the woman who may have had to count on others before, but now has nobody to rely on but herself.
“Kimberly” is the woman whose life suddenly changed direction and now needs to gather skills to carve out her new path.
“Kimberly” is the woman who did not care about school when she was there the first time and wants another chance but needs help doing it.
“Kimberly” remains in an abusive or adverse situation because she feels like she has no choice and she wants a way out!
We all know a “Kimberly”.
  • She is a typical S.T.R.O.N.G. Women. Between the age of 16 – 96, she is a mom, a friend, a homemaker, a daughter, a wife,  a student, a volunteer, a career woman, a grandmother, a philanthropist,  a patriot and above all … a Motorcycle Rider.
  • She rides on two wheels, touring, off-road, trikes, independent, with a club, on a myriad of brands … and (or) she builds her own.
  • She is a creative soul (or is on the road to becoming).
  • She always searching for that next incredible route on her road to freedom.
  • Her views are liberal, spiritual, old school, new school, conservative, but most important … respectful.
  • She is interested in meeting other women who ride, understanding the importance and value of Meaningful connections with like-minded women.
  • She enjoys being of service – a philosophy that takes her into the world of riding for a purpose.
  • She believes in looking her best as she explores the world. (And yes, her best is a very personal look)
  • Wellness matters; spiritual, emotional and physical. She is health conscious or on that journey of discovery, realizing the importance possibly after a wake-up call.
  • She has gotten the message that life is too short and tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  • She has a hunger to become more in control of the health of her Motorcycle.
  • It’s not uncommon to find her in her riding boots even when wearing a skirt or wearing a skirt once showered after a long day in the saddle.
  • Though time is of the essence to her, she loves to take long meandering rides on Sunday afternoons.
  • Family and friends, with whom she adores riding and spending time with calls her friend.
  • She knows the value of friendship and sisterhood; the value of high-quality relationships; and the value of kindness.
  • She has drunk in the sweet euphoric elixir of joy.
  • She will be the first to sign up to volunteer.
  • She is smart, savvy and S.T.R.O.N.G.
  • She is aware of the many … who are not as blessed as her.
  • She is driven to be the one … knowing her capabilities … she would not say no to the call … to provide the warming, gloved hand of friendship, circled with the message of … I am here … for you.
  • She considers herself a woman of the road.
  • She dreams of exotic vacations all planned around her love of riding but is just as happy for the ride down to her favorite lunch location even if she has taken that ride 100 times before.
  • It’s not uncommon to find her online posting one more photo of her bike and her peeps (yes, she knows you’ve seen dozens of pics of her ride. But you haven’t seen this one.)
  • Kimberly never goes anywhere without a beverage, her lipstick and her phone. water, a hydration sport-drink and her fab color. Because both keep her looking great each time she pulls off the road.  And how else can she stay current on Instagram?
  • Because of the fast pace of her life, her immense responsibilities and her innate need to give back, she could easily become overwhelmed with the needs she is aware of … in the world.
  • Instead, she breathes deeply as she understands the meaning of Becoming Real … & S.T.R.O.N.G.