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June Cline

  • Director of Programming – Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities
  • The Southern, Sassy and Savvy Harley-Riding Humorist

“From my first comedy Keynote in Ouray, Co, in 2017, these amazing motorcycle riding women had me at hello with their laughter. Mentoring, motorcycles and FUN MAYHEM–what’s not to love? I could not be more tickled, honored and thrilled to immerse myself as Program Director to help contribute to the success women feel at the amazing Women’s Motorcycle Summit.”

June Cline knows how to rev up an audience with laughter. Her side-splitting stories come straight from life and the curves it throws. Learning to `laugh out loud` (LOL) while leaning into those curves of life is how we `Make It a Great Ride.` Not only is this the name of June’s highly acclaimed One Woman Show, it’s her motto for leading a happy, successful life.

When she’s not making people laugh out loud, you can find her riding Good Golly Ms Molly on the beautiful twisty back roads of North Georgia. She loves coming home to Kennesaw, Georgia and her “mens” as she calls them, the light-of-her-life, Jerry Cline, and the Lucky Man, their rescued `crazed` Shih Tzu. Together, the three of them— 

“Make Life a Great Ride.”

The Southern, Sassy and Savvy Harley-Riding Humorist

Have you ever had an idiot moment? June Cline calls them “IMO’s”—those less than stellar moments that are embarrassing, terrifying or somewhere in between. You’ve probably experienced one or two yourself. That’s exactly what makes this humorist, author and entrepreneur connect quickly with her audiences. She prides herself on flushing out a snort-er while making others lose fluids with laughter, because they too, have been there, done that.

Some of June’s funniest and most requested IMO’s have come from her learning to ride later in life. At age 53, June bought a Harley-Davidson 883 Custom Deluxe Sportster she named Good Golly Ms Molly. When June did that, she fulfilled her lifelong dream—right up until her riding class voted her, “most likely NOT to succeed.” To say June had some challenges learning to ride would be—kind. For no reason, and while standing still in a parking lot, a riding range or at a red light of a busy intersection, her bike, Good Golly Ms Molly, would just fall over, taking June down with her. It took the third Instructor to right this wrong. Wait until you hear that story which may expose you as a snort-er or someone who’s losing fluids with laughter.

June Cline has performed on stage at convention centers across the country and Canada, as well as in well-known comedy clubs like Rick’s House of Comedy in Phoenix, AZ and The Punchline in Atlanta, GA.

Connect with June at: JuneCline.com and on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and You Tube.

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