Speaker: Joanne Donn2018-05-25T16:45:30-07:00

Joanne Donn – Gear Chic

  • Presenter – Women’s Motorcycle Summit

Consider Joanne a virtual personal shopper, someone who has done a lot of the homework so you don’t have to.

She loves talking to women riders about gear and answering all of their questions when it comes to what kind of gear they should buy. She’s given lots of seminars and even started Moterrific so I could talk even more about gear. But beyond that, she loves talking about motorcycles. What to ride, why, how, when, etc. Especially when it comes to riding taller, heavier, faster bikes.

Among other things, Joanne does a lot beside her day job with RevZilla.com.  In her spare time, she contributes to motorcycle industry publications, speaks at various national events, hosts a podcast, and runs a blog!  GearChic.com is a great place to learn more about Joanne and gather great gear knowledge.

Joanne is dedicated to providing real advice about real motorcycle gear for real women.  She separates FACT from FASHION.

In 2007, Joanne noticed that there were plenty of websites for you to go and purchase gear. but, no one had any information on how to find it, where to find it and how to shop for it. So she started GearChic.com, wholly dedicated to the issue of protective motorcycle gear for women. She is here to provide reviews, tips and insights on all things related to what you (men and women) should be wearing while riding your motorcycle or scooter. If you’re just starting out and don’t know what to wear, how it should fit or where to get it, let her give you a personalized gear recommendation to help narrow things down.