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The Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities (SHSC) hosts Women’s Motorcycle Summits in the Smoky Mountains annually in October and in the Rocky Mountains each June.  We invite you to get involved!

For more information about the Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities Fundraising opportunities email info@steelhorsesisterhood.com

How can you help?
  • Volunteer: Help us plan or help us at the events!
  • Donate!
  • Buy Tickets!
  • Fundraise!  When you buy your Summit ticket(s), take advantage of the Peer-to-Peer fundraising template as an easy way to raise money for the Steel Horse Sisterhood Charity educational grants!
Who benefits from your kindness?
Quite simply, we ALL do.  Let’s imagine “Kimberly”.  “Kimberly” is your daughter/sister/mother/aunt/friend/neighbor who has dreams and a vision but is facing challenges turning her dreams into reality. “Kimberly” is the woman who may have had to count on others before, but now has nobody to rely on but herself. “Kimberly” is the woman whose life suddenly changed direction and now needs to gather skills to carve out her new path. “Kimberly” is the woman who did not care about school when she was there the first time and wants another chance but needs help doing it.  “Kimberly” remains in an abusive or adverse situation because she feels like she has no choice and she wants a way out!  We all know a “Kimberly”.
Too often education is taken for granted and we don’t really think about those who never had the opportunities we had.  Education is an essential tool that not only helps us feel better about ourselves and allows us to live more confident and fulfilling lives, it lifts people out of poverty and other adverse situations.  Education for women in our society is especially crucial since so often they are caring for more than just themselves.  Single women and those who support families need tools to call on to not only survive, but to create healthy, safe, and nurturing homes.  Women need tools to allow them the freedom to live their lives independently with integrity and pride.  They need not only to be able to survive, but be able to aspire and grow.  With each step-up that we help a woman take, we are not only helping her, but are also helping her family and the generations that follow.  By providing opportunities for women to pursue their education, we set a new and more positive cycle in motion for the betterment of women, the betterment of families, and the betterment of our communities as a whole.
The Steel Horse Sisterhood and the Women’s Motorcycle Summits exist purely for the betterment of women’s lives.
The mission of the Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities is to empower women through education.
The mission of the Women’s Motorcycle Summit is to educate women, inspire growth and build confidence in women’s lives through motorcycle riding, learning, camaraderie and altruism.