Speaker: Shannon Griggs 2018-03-16T18:59:24-07:00

Shannon Griggs – Coach & Mentor Idaho’s motorcycle safety program – Idaho STAR

  • Skills Coach – Women’s Motorcycle Summit

Shannon Griggs is on a mission to help others grow by embracing their passions and to always continue evolving to reach their full potential.

Trained as an Instructor, Developer and Designer of Adult education, she has the background as a heavy equipment operator, regulatory trainer, and motorcycle trainer/mentor for the State of Idaho Motorcycle STAR program.

She is a passionate about motorcycling (to the point she believes it to be her religion), enjoys long distance riding with family and friends (she is an official Ironbutt rider), and sharing and learning from experiences.

Shannon believes that challenges and failures are part of the adventure of life. Her positive spirit and actions are always encouraging/inspiring others to write their own story, start a new chapter, grab the throttle, and wick it.

She grateful for living in the United States where she can own her own power and not ask permission to succeed.