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Founder of Joy of Motorcycling


“There is no greater joy, than that of supporting and inspiring the sisterhood of women who love learning about and riding motorcycles.” ~ Joy Medved

Joy of Motorcycling’s® Mission Statement:

To be known as a reliable provider of high quality Motorcycle Risk Management (MRM) education products and services, including classroom workshops, on-the-motorcycle range training, safety consulting, guess speaking, and published research.

Joy Medved’s Background & Experience:

  • Joy Medved, founding owner of Joy of Motorcycling®, is an avid motorcycling advocate and safety consultant, with a true passion for motorcycle riding and training. Joy’s motorcycling career began in 1988, when she learned to ride on a GL1200 Honda Goldwing Interstate. Since then, Joy has owned several motorcycles that have taken her almost 500,000 miles across most of the United States and parts of Canada. In 30 years, Joy has experienced almost all roadway types, traffic situations, animals, and weather conditions. Her longest solo ride so far is just over 8,000 miles. Currently, Joy rides a GL1800 Honda Goldwing she named, The Black Pearl. In addition to riding for pleasure, Joy has also been a professional motorcycle escort officer, riding a BMW 1150RTP, and spent many years participating in drill team and top gun skills competitions. Starting Joy of Motorcycling®: Life was looking pretty good from the front seat of her GL1200 Honda Goldwing Aspencade, riding more than 25,000 miles a year, until one morning in 2000, when Joy’s life took a sudden left turn. Joy was on her way to a skills practice when she was t-boned in an intersection and physically run over by a hit-and-run driver. She had several life-threatening injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. Joy credits emergency services, her gear and fellow chapter riders trained in crash management for helping save her life.As would be expected, that crash in 2000 had a major impact on Joy’s outlook about motorcycle safety. And, although she continued her professional career after recovery, Joy was determined to create a classroom-based motorcycle training company that would help teach riders practices and strategies not typically taught by riding schools. That’s when she started Joy of Motorcycling®.

    Joy took advantage of her background in research and training, and started seriously researching motorcycle and traffic safety issues. She became a certified riding instructor, teaching novice and experienced rider courses in California and Arizona, as well as for the US Navy and Marine Corps. She also earned a number of motorcycle and traffic safety teaching certifications, including AAA Driver Improvement and crash management. Joy is also credited with developing the first and to date, only, traffic violator school designed specifically for motorcyclists in the United States. Since starting Joy of Motorcycling®, Joy has provided motorcycle risk management workshops, motorcycle pick-up demos, and guest speaking at hundreds of events, speaking to thousands of riders throughout the United States.

    Joy of Motorcycling® 2018 Grand Re-Opening:

    Then, in March, 2016, Joy’s life took another sudden left turn. In an attempt to prevent a crash, Joy stopped her GL1800 Honda Goldwing so quickly, she was thrown off her motorcycle. She successfully avoided the crash, but landed square on the top of her head, receiving a second, and more severe, traumatic brain injury. As a consequence, Joy was forced to retire from her work as an international consultant and withdraw from post-graduate school, giving up her dream of completing her dissertation and earning a PhD.

    After spending two very difficult years recovering, Joy, with the help of her training partner, Trent Reid, has dedicated her time to redesigning Joy of Motorcycling®. Joy and Trent have developed several new classroom and range workshops in an effort to provide even better motorcycle risk management training to riders. They have also developed an exciting Exhibition Riding Team and are working on a book!

    Trent Reid:

    Trent and Joy met while members of a motorcycle drill team based in Southern California. Trent, known on the team as “Gator,” is currently the team’s captain. Trent started riding motorcycles more than 53 years ago, progressing from home built mini-bikes, thru a number of increasingly larger motorcycles over the years. His experience includes more than 1 million miles between dirt, dual-sport, and street riding. Trent currently rides a 2017 GL1800 Honda Goldwing.

    Trent served in the United States Coast Guard from 1972 until 1976, and then settled in Orange County, California, where he enjoyed time riding with several local motorcycle chapters. He also competed in numerous drill team and top gun skills competitions, and holds several riding and non-riding training certifications. Trent is also a California State Licensed Post-Secondary Education Instructor.

Joy’s bio has been written in her own words, is compelling and chilling all at the same time. If Joy’s certifications are not enough, it is through her life experiences that her qualifications grow even more. It is a privledge to be welcoming Joy Medved and Trent Reid to the Moto Expo line up.

Joy is certified to teach the following Motorcycle & Traffic Safety Courses

  • Basic & Advanced Bystander Assistance Courses: Accident Scene Mgmt, Inc. (ASMI) (2006)
  • First Aid/CPR Courses: First Medic (2006)
  • AAA Driver Improvement Courses: Automobile Association of America (AAA) (2005)
  • Basic & Experience Rider Courses: US Navy & Marine Corps (2005)
  • Traffic Violator School Courses: CA Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) (2004)
  • Basic & Experienced Rider Courses: California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP) (2003)
  • Basic & Experienced Rider Courses: Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) (2002)