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Sandy Weaver is a 2017 Women’s Motorcycle Summit Presenter – The Smokies Edition


“It’s gratifying to be part of this wonderful group of women, sharing a love of riding and spreading happiness, education and good works all around.” ~ Sandy Weaver

Workshop: Happiness is Job One!

Most people think that to be happy, they must achieve a goal. Not so fast – it turns out, according to research at Harvard, Cambridge and other universities, that happier people achieve more goals. So – how to get happier? In this interactive workshop, attendees will work with tools, learning how to use them to create more happiness and success in their own lives.

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Study after study has shown that laughter is good for the soul. 2017 attendees of the Women’s Motorcycle Summit will be treated to the humorous viewpoints and moments of laughter guaranteed with Sandy Weaver and June Cline joining us for the entire 4 days.

Each morning we’ll share Breakfast at the Gathering Place Happiness Zone and each evening our Fireplace Conversations complete with service of Coffee, Cocoa, Spirits & S’Mores …  interwoven with Musical Interludes and deep connection with the other participants.

For more information about the schedule, please email info@steelhorsesisterhood.com

Sandy Weaver is a life-long happiness coach, speaker and motivator. From her vagabond childhood as the daughter of a career military man (translation – the family moved A LOT!) to her vagabond adulthood as a radio personality (translation – she moved some more!) people have always sought out her advice, ability to listen and her caring heart. As an award-winning author, podcaster and co-founder (with June Cline) of Happiness Recipe TV, Sandy’s ideas about how to lead a happier, more successful life are spreading out farther than ever. As a new motorcycle rider, she’s enjoying creating a new brand of happiness for herself. And as someone owned by a couple of Siberian Huskies, don’t be surprised to find a little dog hair on her suit!

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Sandy Weaver, Speaker at the Women's Motorcycle Summit