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Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities

The Mission of the Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities

Empower women through education.

The Steel Horse Sisterhood movement elevates and empowers people to unite as a community around a common cause and passion for education and growth, valuing love, joy & kindness.

The Mission of the Women’s Motorcycle Summit

Inspire growth in women’s lives.

This event allows women to unite to crush the poverty mindset, one women at a time by supporting the activities of the Steel Horse Sisterhood.


The Mission of the Steel Horse Sisterhood Rides & Retreats

Connecting Women Who Share a Passions

Our Logo Tells Our Story.

A logo designed to reflect our mission. To provide opportunities for women to develop and refine their skills.
To encourage the art of women mentoring women.
To inspire growth ... in her life ... and in ours.

One woman’s hands reaching down … covering her sister’s hands … with the power of love holding us together.

The Wings of Freedom depicts Strength. Accomplishment. Vision.

With a centered Star. One God. Our True North. One luminous point in the night sky, set to influence our personal destiny and to emulate worthiness, goodness and truth.

And the Message of Love was established.