Speaker: Lynn Martin 2017-09-10T21:56:09-07:00

Lynn Ingstrom Martin

  • Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities
  • Director of Operations

“To empower women, to be what their inner sole knows they can be.  Riding has helped me to do just that.  To let women know, it’s never too late. “

“I still feel the excitement when I hear another female has taken the plunge to start riding, in addition to the overwhelming number of women’s groups and female rides that take place, more and more each year. “

“The greatest satisfaction is being a part of a woman seeing me ride, coming up to me and saying how much she would like to ride and then becoming the inspiration and teacher to that person, watching her grow each year into a seasoned rider filled with confidence and the knowledge she needs to be a good & safe rider.  Nothing gives me more pride.”

“I’ve put a lot of miles on my bikes, short trips, long trips, day trips, month long trips, trips to the grocery store, iron butt rides, and trips cross country.  I enjoy riding all types of rides and love meeting the people I’ve met over the years, all over the country, both US and Canada.  Friendships, that truly last a lifetime.”

Could you describe to us the Mission of the Realtor Board you led in Canada?

The missions statement was, and remains, short and to the point.  The board was a membership based organization, therefore the board served it’s Members, not the public sector.  The mission statement went along with the Purpose and Values, in our Strategic Planning.  On an annual basis I would call a meeting of all Directors and Committee Chairs and we would review or Strategic Plan to ensure that the market and our Plan were still in alignment, keeping it fresh and up to date.  The Mission Statement:  PROVIDING MEMBERS WITH RESOURCES, EDUCATION AND SUPPORT TO SUCCEED.

How do you feel as you take on this challenge of leading the Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities with a similar mission? 

I feel excited.  Over the years I have had opportunities presented to me that enabled me to do something that would make a difference in someone’s life.  Small or big, it didn’t really matter, just so that someone’s life was made better than it was.  With the sisterhood, I think there are so many opportunities, that either already have, or in the future will be, opened up to us where I can once again be able to help someone change their life for the better.

What dirves you to give of your time as you do?

Guess it’s Passion.  Passion for motorcycles, passion for riding, passion for being apart of something that’s just begun to grow, and the fire inside knowing it could be limitless and of course passion for women riders!!!!  Yeah, passion.

Lynn Ingstrom Martin is a mom, grandmother, wife, r from Sedona, Arizona who discovered her love of motorcycles over 40 years ago.

Lynn Martin