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Jenna Stellar

  • Founder – Stellar Moto Brand

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Designed for everyday wear, Stellar has taken riding gear into a new realm infusing fashion, moto style, comfort, with a timeless classic look. Mixing old school with innovative Space Age technology so you won’t look or feel like you are wearing protection.

Wearing gear does not absolve you from an injury, but in case of a mishap, you will have quality technical gear between you and the road. LETS NOT FIND OUT. Wear gear and ride safe my friends.   ~ Jenna Stellar

Stellar Moto Brand is a hot line of technical motorcycle apparel for women riders born out of Los Angeles and made in the USA.  Jenna Stellar is on a mission to get female riders geared up and caters to individuals who refuse to sacrifice their personal aesthetic for protective apparel. “My company is geared toward the segment of motorcycle culture that doesn’t gear up because they’re style-conscious, who don’t want to wear racetrack gear.”

When designer and stylist Jenna Stellar was in fashion school, she imagined creating a line of motorcycle clothing to serve women whose aesthetic fell outside both “motocross” and “Harley with fringe.” She had an interview with a motorcycle-apparel company to show them her designs but they did not share her vision.  Eventually, Stellar’s dream came true when she launched Stellar Moto Brand. She is a costume designer and wardrobe stylist who worked in the film industry but grew up surrounded by motorcycles. At 18 she knew she wanted to ride, but it was not until years later when she got her license. “I was so busy being a costume designer that I didn’t have time to ride. I got my license, and then never went out and bought a bike. I attempted it three times before I finally said, “Enough already!” and really followed through with it.” To compliment Stellar’s style, she likes bikes that reflect a more vintage style. Stellar has tried to channel this same timelessness in her Stellar Moto Brand,

As more of a street rider, she also shares a fondness for the track and in 2016 got a bittersweet stroke of inspiration from a crash that left her scraped up and on crutches.  She felt that she could have just “walked it off” if she had pads or adequate abrasion resistant moto gear…and that was IT! There was her inspiration!  Soon thereafter she went on a search for the fabric that would make it possible for her jumpsuit to be abrasion-resistant and protective. She tried Kevlar, but was not satisfied until she found Dyneema, a fabric that is five times stronger and 40% lighter than Kevlar and has a slide time just slightly shorter than leather. The issue was it didn’t have enough stretch, so she solved that by working with them to make a version with spandex to suit her needs…and so the Stellar Moto Stratosphere Jumpsuit was born!

Stellar says, “We needed more stuff. We need more choices.”  Stellar Moto Brand delivers form and function to the women’s moto apparel world for the sole purpose of getting women riders who embrace style to gear up, and giving the ones who are already geared up the opportunity to enjoy more style.

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