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The Legacy of the Women’s Motorcycle Summit is crystal clear.

Our Image Gallery of photos, snapped by a host of photographers and attendees, capture both the attitude and rhythm of a culture of women who ride to make a difference in our world.

From the very first Summit in 2013, the lure of what the Steel Horse Sisterhood has personally brought to me has been a gift.  A focus on self care, this is where I allow myself to put away the deadlines, the daily grind of employment, the nurturing of others.  The Summit is for me, GUILT FREE!

To ride with others or solo to the event has an excitement better than going to Disneyland.  The rides that have been prepared are full of firework WOWS! The challenges of your own personal trip to finding the “Waypoints” continue to bring personal growth.  The friendships created by exceptional experiences on the trails we have forged are lifelong.

The Steelhorse Sisterhood is different than other events I’ve been to.  Yes there are many women that ride, tell stories and share experiences at other events. You do that here as well, but what I have found that is different is a sense  or cloud of a spiritual reign, a love that permeates through every aspect  from the time I arrive to the time I leave.  STRONG : Smart, Tenacious, Radiant, Outrageous, Naturally, Grateful.  Yep, Sums it up just right!  Hope to see you at either of the two planned for 2017!  Love you my windsisters!

Ready to “Make Life a Great Ride?” Talk about excitement AND adventure PLUS make some lifelong friendships and camaraderie from a shared passion… That pretty much sums up the Women’s Motorcycle Summit. Life changing!

“I had been following Joan on FB and organized a group of Native women to ride to Denver with me. This was my first long distance ride & my first woman’s event. I met the most amazing women riders & lifelong friends. I’m so thankful for Joan’s friendship & the Steel Horse Sisterhood.”

LaVerne Deel-Barela, 2014 Summit Attendee
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